About us

Welcome to Maldon Pie and Mash

For those seeking a traditional dining experience, you won't be disappointed by our variety of freshly baked pies served with a choice of mash, chips, liquor, gravy or eels.

Pie & Mash Shops have a special place in our affections because they are unique and inextricably linked to East London, bound up with the cultural and historical identity of the place – becoming destinations where people enjoy pilgrimages to seek sustenance for body and soul, by paying homage to the spirit of the old East End incarnated in these tiled, steamy temples dedicated to the worship of hot pies.

All of our pies are made daily on the premises using our unique pastry recipe derived from the original pie, which dates back to Victorian times. We only use the best locally grown potatoes and the finest cuts of minced beef.

You are sure to be tempted the moment you walk in and take a step back in history, you can be assured of a friendly face and good service as you enjoy our traditional fayre.

We also serve a wide variety of sweets including the original and best Rossi ice cream and weekly specials. Children are suitably catered for with a range on our childrens menu. We are able to provide an outside catering service for your party, wedding or function. Let your guests enjoy our traditional pie, mash and liquor!

A takeaway menu is available.


The pies sold from all our shop are fresh baked on the day. The pies are all hand made on our premises. The pastry is rolled and filled with fresh beef minced, we only use prime cuts of beef. A little gravy and herbs are added before the top layer of pastry goes on.

Vegetarian options are available.


The mash sold from all our shop is made fresh on the day. The potatoes are peeled and par boiled before mashing takes place. The great taste is due to the excellent quality and type of potato we use.


The great tasting liquor that comes with our pie and mash is world (Essex) famous for its great taste. The liquor we make is uniquely different to any other Pie & Mash shop as it contains special ingredients handed down over many years. All liquor is made on the premises.